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A-Line Technology Solutions specialise in stream-lining
commercial and industrial businesses’ energy costs.

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Green Solutions

A-Line Technology Solutions specialise in stream-lining commercial and industrial businesses’ energy costs. Two of the most effective ways to achieve this are retrofitting LED lighting systems and optimising motor system efficiency.

A-Line Technology Solutions is offering free assessments and installation of the latest high-efficiency LED lighting, drastically cutting your business’s operational costs and limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

The Technology

The T8 LED lighting technology from Phillips can achieve over 55% in energy savings for your business, and is backed by a 3-year 30,000 hour warranty. These environmentally friendly lamps are also mercury and glass free, meaning they pose no breakage or pollution risk.

Completely free assessment and installation

As one of the most qualified electrical companies, one of our A-grade electricians will initially conduct a comprehensive installation assessment for your business. We will then design a personalised LED lighting solution styled to your business’s specific operational and financial needs.

We also guarantee free ongoing post-installation support to your business, ensuring that your lighting system continues to operate at optimal levels.

Warning to Victorian businesses about faulty LED installers

The Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC) has released an information bulletin titled: “SAFETY OF T8 LAMP REPLACEMENT TUBES AND MODIFIED LUMINAIRES”

The bulletin states: “ERAC has expressed serious concerns with electrical safety issues of both the LED tubes and T5/T8 fluorescent lamp adaptor assemblies. These concerns are not limited to the lamp products themselves; ERAC is also concerned with the modifications carried out to existing luminaires.”

These concerns stem from grossly underqualified installers simply swapping over products without using a qualified electrician to perform the necessary modifications to your lighting system, resulting in products that burn excess electricity, produce excess carbon emissions and “do not comply with essential safety requirements, such as protection against electric shock”.

To avoid exposing your business and employees to undue risk, make sure that lighting modifications are carried out by an electrical company such as A-Line Technology Solutions. All installations we carry out are signed off by an A-grade electrician.

Potential power factor issues with faulty installations

As well as potentially life threatening risks, if installed into obsolete lighting fixtures without any modifications (e.g. bypassing the ballast and capacitor), LED retrofits can compromise the power factor of the circuit, meaning that the electrical efficiency of the circuit will be degraded. This essentially means that although the wattage of a lamp has been reduced, the total power being drawn into that lamp can be up to three times the required amount, resulting in gross inefficiencies and overload to the circuit.

Motor system optimisation

Electric motor systems are one of the most energy-dependant processes in the commercial/industrial world. This means that correcting even the smallest of inefficiencies within a motor system can potentially to save more electricity than in any other electricity end-use.

According to the International Energy Agency, on average, motor systems lose around 55% of their input energy before reaching the end-use work. It’s also a fact that the most significant costs for most motors are the energy costs, followed by maintenance, then the initial purchase costs (often less than 1% of the cost of operating the motor over its life). This makes the diagnosis of inefficiencies within a system crucial to a business’s bottom line.

Motor systems are often made up of a broad range of components centred on a motor-driven device such as a compressor, pump or fan. To ensure the overall efficiency of the system, it is important to consider components for the system which are energy efficient, as well as how they interact.

The A-Line technology solutions team are highly experienced in optimising industrial and commercial motor systems. One of our A-grade electricians will initially carry out an assessment of your electric motor system, then consult with you on the most cost-effective and energy efficient means of optimisation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the A-Line Technology Solutions team to discuss your requirements.