Zero Harm

A ‘Zero Harm’ safety practice is entrenched in A-Line Technology Solution’s philosophy and is a fundamental focus in the company’s future success.

Zero Harm means upholding a work environment that:

  • Values the health and safety of our people
  • Strives to limit the impact that our business has on the environment.

To maintain a Zero Harm worksite, A-Line continues to build on its safe work practices by adhering a strict safety action plan, including:


A steadfast commitment to exceeding all relevant laws and standards.

Hazard reduction

Work safety is embedded into A-Line’s procedures, by first identifying, then correcting, potential hazards in a work environment. Working with our clients we conduct onsite risk assessments for our employees to ensure that work practices and outcomes are a safe as possible.

Safety leadership

To maintain our stringent standard of being a Zero Harm employer and service provider A-Line understands that safety starts with each employee, and extends to a complete business approach. Our business culture is one of responsibility and awareness in the practices required to maintain a safe environment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the A-Line Technology Solutions team to discuss your requirements.