Data Networking

The need for fast and reliable data transfer for businesses has never been greater. The A-Line Technology Solution team have extensive experience in all your data installation requirements.

A-Line’s team of electricians are highly experienced in high-speed data cabling and network installations for business, and can assist in setting up new data and telephone points. We can offer everything from advice on the right system for your requirements, right through to follow-up maintenance.

A-Line also caters to both in-building and external-building wireless network systems. These can include small offices and body corporates, right through to large commercial structures.

We provide an initial site survey, equipment advisement through to final installation, a final systems performance evaluation, and follow-up maintenance. We provide our wireless installation services to: businesses and commercial clients, schools and universities, body corporates, warehouses and retail stores.

A-Line also caters to domestic data and cabling requirements. We can install TV and data points throughout your home, and install and maintain various levels of home automation technology.

Please don’t hesitate to contact A-Line to discuss your data networking needs today.