Company Mission

Our mission is to make businesses more efficient and to ensure the improvements are sustainable and everlasting.

A-line Technology Solutions has a customer focus from trades to management; we respect our customer’s needs by listening to their problems but also have the skills to solve and deliver.

We are committed to performance, always striving to lead in the next generation technology space.

Our passion for technology and business processes will help us ensure every aspect of safety, quality, and productivity are met.

When customers join us on this journey they are to experience a new difference that makes them proud

Core Values

These values will guide our people on the pathways to success. Upon reflection we grow wise and lead with purpose and courage

  • Teamwork – Reliable, flexible, constructive and participate
  • Respect – Listen with patience, assume good faith and consider our impact
  • Quality – Develop skills & execute excellence
  • Accountability – Deliver on commitments and be honest
  • Innovate – Foreword thinking that is simple and original
  • Experience – Identify positives and negatives, both contain opportunities to learn



Mark Horner


“It is so important to deliver on our promises, we are passionate about keeping our word at any cost. Working with your electrical service provider should be simple and enjoyable without a expensive bill”

Gerrit O’Brien


“Its such an exciting time to be working in our field. Technology is smarter and more affordable ensuring that businesses can focus on what they do best……….Business”

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